Deconstructing the Deconstruction

Sorry It’s been so long since my last update. Ever since school (work) started back up I haven’t had any time to write what with driving 45-50 minutes to and from work every day on top of doing my Level 5 stuff at Coldtowne and what not. Oh yea, I’m in Level 5 now, one more level to go until I am a Coldtowne Conservatory Graduate. I am extremely excited about that let me tell you.

So, we have been spending two days so far on the Deconstruction format and though this is not a rewriting of my notes from that class (that will come later as we finish it up) I do want to write some thoughts on this format.

I really enjoy this format. It challenges you as an improviser in a variety of ways. Pulling information back from the first Source Scene when you are 5-6 scenes in takes a lot of work and practice, but when you can do it it really makes for something special in the scene. I really enjoy trying to keep the first Source Scene as grounded and “real” as possible. To me that is fun in a “I get to really act” way (not that improv isn’t acting, but you know what I mean). It really lets me explore my character in a different way than doing 2 minute montage scenes or even a Movie or La Ronde. There is something infinitely emotional when you get an entire 5 minutes to become someone and really get inside their thoughts and feelings to bring those out to your scene partner and the audience. It’s almost organic in a way.

Following the Source Scenes are the two character based tangential scenes. These are awesome. The other performers can give you so much information in just the 2 minutes they are on stage it can really be overwhelming at times, but it just gives you that much ammo when coming back to the Source Scene the second time. It’s so much easier to heighten a character trait when you have already seen it done before you. It’s almost like paint-by-numbers improv.

I think the Deconstruction is my favorite format that we have learned so far. I can’t place what it is about it just yet. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel our class as a whole is getting it really well, maybe it’s something more than that. I don’t know yet, I just know I like it.

Footnote-I promise to update this blog more. In the last few months I’ve realized that I don’t want a life without improv/sketch, that would be a dark life for me, and I want to share my love of these art forms with my reading audience (which now is probably like 3 people…hi Allison sweetie). Anyway, notes from our Deconstruction class and from my group scene workshop I took with Eric Hunicutt are to come soon.


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