Bill Arnett notes pt. 2 plus other things.

Coming up next, the conclusion to my notes that I took during the Bill Arnett character workshop from a few weeks ago.

Of someone says something stupid, bust them on it.

I love this thought process.  Now, he’s not saying to deny what someone is telling you, on the contrary, he’s telling us to accept the reality of what was said but if it is something crazy call the person on it.  This is especially true if you are playing the “straight man” in the scene.  EX: “Let’s wear our underwear on our heads and our hats on our crotches!”  “Why would I do that?  That’s just weird.”  “Because it will keep our hair from chafing!”  “Ok…”  Basically, call out the ridiculousness of what’s happening, but you can still give your scene partner the benefit of the doubt and support them (Lance Gilstrap does this amazingly well at Coldtowne).

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